Support Our Lady of the Lake School

Pies and Poinsettia Fall Fundraiser

Support your school and local small businesses this holiday season by purchasing delicious pies and gorgeous poinsettias! 

Choose Your Pies and Poinsettias

Now what?

Your vouchers are on the way

You can expect your vouchers to be delivered to your child in school the week, the week of November 1st.

Your family will be credited for your purchases

Mr. Locke will update your fundraising account at the school.  Every purchase will go towards your fundraising requirement!

Go pick up your Pies and Poinsettia

You can go to any Al's Home and Garden to pick up your beautiful poinsettia November 19th to December 7th, 2021 only.   

Holiday Pies can be picked up from Lee Farms any time! Your voucher will not expire. Please note: Lee Farms will be closed post Halloween from November 1-12th. They will have plenty of delicious homemade pies available for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please remember to bring your voucher with you.